I’m hare again! Back to work. New art work in progress- Kissing Hares!


Hi, it’s been a long while since I last posted, but I’m now back in my studio and sketching away. My last piece ‘Horace’ found a new home the very next day after he was framed,

Imagehere he is:Image

He will be appearing on my website as a print for sale very soon. (only 50 prints and several have sold already!) He was a popular chap, a bit scruffy, but a lovely character to work on. I’ll let you know when he’s up and then you can look at the detail and say hello to him.

So to keep me company in Horace’s absence, I’m  creating two more hares: I don’t know their names yet, as I get to know them better I’ll find out their names .

I’ve done some preparatory sketches and  started on the ink work. The sketches are just a warm up exercise in pencil, they are very rough and I use them to get to know the angles and what the challenging parts of the piece might be, plus I work on the positioning on the page and the composition.


Then as usual I begin with the eye- the window to the soul, and the characters start to emerge- hopefully! Heres todays effort. Hope you like it- obviously it needs a lot more work yet!Image


Art Exhibition!

Plymouth’s Kaya Gallery is hosting a summer sale of original paintings on Saturday August 4th at The Treasury, next to Plymouth’s Guildhall.

Included in the sale are some unique pieces from private collections with work by Robert Lenkiewicz, Lee Woods and Anthony Amos. Popular Plymouth artist Brian Pollard has also given his support and painted some new work especially for this exhibition.

The exhibition will also feature brand new work from 11 local artists including David Gray, Jane Vaux, Cheri Hunston and Claire Rice ensuring visitors will have an exceptional range of subjects and styles to observe and if they wish to buy. Most of the artists will be in attendance on the day and look forward to discussing their work or taking on commissions.

Of particular interest too will be the new work from Plymouth portrait artist Simon Bennett following on from his successful sell out ‘Phantom of the Opera’ exhibition earlier in the year.

Gallery owner Norman Holmes explained that 2011 had been a tough year for many artists but the climate was now showing some more promising signs and that this exhibition was in itself a celebration of the determined nature of many artists who kept working hard and believing in their ability.

The results of that hard work will be self evident at the show.


For further details regarding the sale please contact Norman at Kaya Gallery on 01752 267474 or leave Cheri a message


Plymouth Writers Workshop

Looking forward to running my Writers’ Workshop tomorrow at Art Frame Solutions. Exploring genre, audience, purpose and form tomorrow. Might explore some beginning to write techniques too.

At last! First ten prints for sale. Launch event

Antarctic art work launch event

All welcome… be lovely to meet you.

Local Artist, Cheri Hunston has produced an amazing artwork, which is to be sold to raise funds for the International Scott Centenary Expedition. The first public viewing will take place on Thursday 15th March 5.30 – 7.30pm, at the

53 Southside Street, The Barbican, Plymouth.


This is a free event, so come along and  meet the artist, and Plymouth University Student,  HENRY EVANS, who will be travelling to Antarctica, after winning a competition in the

The artwork will be displayed at the Royal visit on 23rd March at Mount Wise, and will be auctioned to raise funds for the ISCE.

In the meantime, the 1st batch of 100 limited edition prints are available, and orders can be taken on the night, and will be available from Kaya Gallery

In addition to this artwork there are many other items of interest at the gallery, including an exhibition by students for the Plymouth College of art. 



 I have been very busy making sure that the prints are as close to the original as possible. The printers  weren’t happy when I told them the first one was too blue. “Black is black isn’t it?’ they said. In their defence they had been doing it blind as they didn’t have the original to compare to, which was a silly mistake on my part.

“No, I replied, I think there are about 37 different shades of black and after spending 330 hours with this ink I know my ink is brown/green black not blue.’

They were aghast when  we compared the print and the original and  they saw my point clearly.

They then worked tirelessly  to produce it just right and did an absolutely fabulous job as they always do.

For more info on the event or prints see:




Prints will go on sale on my website after the 15th of March, after the event.