I’m hare again! Back to work. New art work in progress- Kissing Hares!


Hi, it’s been a long while since I last posted, but I’m now back in my studio and sketching away. My last piece ‘Horace’ found a new home the very next day after he was framed,

Imagehere he is:Image

He will be appearing on my website as a print for sale very soon. (only 50 prints and several have sold already!) He was a popular chap, a bit scruffy, but a lovely character to work on. I’ll let you know when he’s up and then you can look at the detail and say hello to him.

So to keep me company in Horace’s absence, I’m  creating two more hares: I don’t know their names yet, as I get to know them better I’ll find out their names .

I’ve done some preparatory sketches and  started on the ink work. The sketches are just a warm up exercise in pencil, they are very rough and I use them to get to know the angles and what the challenging parts of the piece might be, plus I work on the positioning on the page and the composition.


Then as usual I begin with the eye- the window to the soul, and the characters start to emerge- hopefully! Heres todays effort. Hope you like it- obviously it needs a lot more work yet!Image


Plymouth Writers Workshop

Looking forward to running my Writers’ Workshop tomorrow at Art Frame Solutions. Exploring genre, audience, purpose and form tomorrow. Might explore some beginning to write techniques too.