Work in progress: Haring around…

Lovely walk on a sunny Dartmoor  this morning looking at the ponies.

IMG_0801Dartmoor ponies

Didn’t see any hares. So back into the studio  to work on  the ‘Kissing Hares’. The character of the first hare is  beginning to emerge now but I think it’ll need both hares to be completed before you can see the true characters through their interaction.

I had lots of measuring to do: just like a human face an animal’s face has certain mathematical rules (I hate maths!) so I  draw freehand first and then measure to check I have it right. Generally speaking I get it right but there are times when  I can see something is wrong but can’t work out what it is, as soon as I measure, the problem reveals itself and I can see it instantly. Measuring and maths are important in art no matter how much you hate it! I only roughly measure with my pencil though, never with a ruler.

The hare’s ears are generally speaking the same  length as his or her face and the width of the neck about the same size as the width of the face at the widest point. These are just two examples; I do hundreds of measurements and comparisons on an image to double-check my eye is right. These basics I do try to stay true to but other aspects I  exaggerate or minimise depending on what I’m trying to achieve.



untitled event - 04measuring the neck


The ratios I take  from a variety of pictures of hares and at different angles. I won’t bore you with them all.

As well as looking at pictures for measurements, I also look at textures of the fur as it varies from whereabouts the fur is and it’s function on the hare. I always make sure I’m using the same breed if possible so there’s no discrepancies.

Here’s today’s  work anyway.

hare in progress

As you can see it takes a long time to build up a detailed ink piece

As you can see it takes a long time to build up a detailed ink piece



I’m hare again! Back to work. New art work in progress- Kissing Hares!


Hi, it’s been a long while since I last posted, but I’m now back in my studio and sketching away. My last piece ‘Horace’ found a new home the very next day after he was framed,

Imagehere he is:Image

He will be appearing on my website as a print for sale very soon. (only 50 prints and several have sold already!) He was a popular chap, a bit scruffy, but a lovely character to work on. I’ll let you know when he’s up and then you can look at the detail and say hello to him.

So to keep me company in Horace’s absence, I’m  creating two more hares: I don’t know their names yet, as I get to know them better I’ll find out their names .

I’ve done some preparatory sketches and  started on the ink work. The sketches are just a warm up exercise in pencil, they are very rough and I use them to get to know the angles and what the challenging parts of the piece might be, plus I work on the positioning on the page and the composition.


Then as usual I begin with the eye- the window to the soul, and the characters start to emerge- hopefully! Heres todays effort. Hope you like it- obviously it needs a lot more work yet!Image