Day 36 The International Scott Centenary Expedition commemorative map

Worked on the bottom  scroll today and over ‘The International Scott Centenary Expedition’ writing, which I wanted to blur a little in places in an attempt to age it just a little. I wanted it to be darker than the top scroll to work with the lighting but also to anchor the picture at the bottom left and right hand sides.

Day 36

I think though that now I need to rework the top scroll a little to give it a little more realism and depth, but I don’t want it as dark as the one I have just completed.

The right

I have included a close up of the scroll work here.

The left

I also did some research during my lunch. I am now contemplating the colour more and so began exploring  colours in the Antarctic. I will share all this information, including the answer to why some icebergs are turquoise blue in a day or so…

Rope and more rope tomorrow and maybe a play around with some killer whales.


One thought on “Day 36 The International Scott Centenary Expedition commemorative map

  1. One does hope one is talking metaphorically re orca! Reading one’s posts one knows that one has a tendency to be thorough! Ok – checked the aquarium – no killers! They are not cute – they are Killer whales for a reason – they are very effective! They are very beautiful but deadly – David Attenborough (no, not him, Robert Browning maybe, but you know what I mean) – please, talk some sense into her. I know what you’re thinking… you want to draw them in the flesh. Get out there and sit in a piece of rubber and… I saw David Attenborough’s Frozen Planet! Nooo! They were lucky or were they? Come to think on it they cut the sequence after the first swell – so who knows what really happened. Actually, Cheri, go for it. An opportunity is a quantum leap!

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