Day 33 The International Scott Centenary Expedition commemorative map

Day 33

Yes, I even work Sundays!  The quote, ‘to strive,to seek,to find and not to yield’ (especially the ‘not to yield’)  seemed very apt to me this morning as the sunshine and the garden called.

I continued working over the waves at the bottom of the map and tweaked them slightly so that they are more in keeping with the style of wave at the top of the map (although they still need darkening ).

You will see I added definition to the tips of the highlighted waves and darkened beneath them.

shaping the waves

I also added my signature in a scroll at the left hand side. Some of the artists back in the Victorian and Edwardian era would put their names in scrolls on a piece of art work, so I was cheeky and copied! I thought it suited the style of the map. In  my art work , I generally have a disguised  love heart somewhere in the picture.  There is one in the map too but I will let you find it. No clues.

scroll and signature

I changed the shape of the ice in front of the Terra Nova. I decided I wanted it to float on the water and look slightly surreal. I also wanted it to  almost resemble a hand. The reason behind this links back to what I was talking about yesterday, about not having a person’s prescence there. However, the last programme in the Frozen Planet about how the Antarctic is changing and how mankind’s lifestyle impacts the environment , plus how we can measure that impact through the links to science, takes us back to the expedition in 1912 which was not just about getting  to the  pole first, but was about scientific research which continues today and was the expedition’s legacy. To me the shape of the hand is mankind’s connection with the Antarctic and our impact; it’s also us reaching out to touch the unknown and learning from it. I wanted it to be ‘almost’ indiscernible.

day 33 bottom edge view

I have to finish the sea, which at the moment looks like steps going up to an infinity pool. I will do this after a short break this evening.

7 hours so far today and 7 yesterday so that is: 252 hours so far! (and two more tonight).

Have a pleasant Sunday evening.