Day 31 The International Scott Centenary Expedition commemorative map

Perspective was my  puzzle again today. I had moved from the eye line of the seal to the clouds and then the horizon and now I needed to bring the waves to the foreground thus  bringing the Adelie pengiuin to the correct level. I also had to consider the pattern of the sea and waves as well as how the sea would sit from foreground to the coast of Antarctica. If I had just wanted a ‘pretty’ patterned map, I could have done the waves the same boring pattern all the way around, but  perspective and  making the fantastical almost believable was more challenging and I enjoy a challenge.

I  wanted the white of the two icebergs and the ice ledge the penguins are jumping off to stand out.  These should be the first things the viewer notices, then the larger penguin , the smaller penguins and then the icicles. The splash was causing an unnecessary distraction to the flow of the eye and so it had to go. The icicles needed  a black background to really show them off, however in doing this I could lose the shapes of the penguins. I wanted it to be darkest in this corner as that is where it would naturally be darker from my light source but also Antarctica’s white mass is much bigger in this section of the map and I wanted to offset that and also the darkness around the map and the hull of the Terra Nova on the left. It is constantly about  balance, mood, lighting and perspective. I still need to darken some more of the sea around the top of the map to balance this out.

Penguins and the Amery Ice shelfSlightly closer view

Unfortunately my progress is slow today as I have trapped a nerve in my shoulder which makes movement difficult , but it’s fine if I am just drawing and don’t move!

I will be working again tomorrow, but I have been informed that the Christmas tree has to go up in the morning. I haven’t done a thing for Christmas as I have been lost in Antarctica for an entire month, bliss… much better than those horrible shops.

I was working out how many hours it has taken so far. I do an average of between 7 and 10 hours a day . I had three  days off  so that is 28 days at 8.5 hours and so that would be approximately  238 hours so far! Phew!

Day 31 238 hours approx

I am going to try for Monday to finish, but realistically, I think I have five more days left, so only another 42 hours really! It’s nothing. Ouch my neck. Good night.

Ps. thank you to all of those people who have got in touch and those who leave me comments, I really appreciate them, they keep me going.