Day 30 The International Scott Centenary Expedition commemorative map.

A full day on the Ross sea, ice bergs and clouds. My aim was to try and  match up the left and right hand sides of the map but at the same time make them look different. On the right I moved from waves to clouds and on the right, ice into clouds. The icebergs are similar shapes but  completely different icebergs. I had to give some depth to the iceberg behind the Terra Nova and I quite like the fact that the Terra Nova has been almost swallowed up by the iceberg, however, I am mulling it over whether to make the boat stand out or not. I’ll take a couple of days over it. It seems quite interesting to not see the ship in the first instance and then it catches your eye. People who have seen the map ‘in the flesh’ have said that  they just think they have taken everything in on the map and then they notice something else.  I rather like that because it must be like that in Antarctica itself. For some reason today I am totally exhausted and so am stopping now as I don’t want to make a mistake and I have managed to crick my neck too! Ouch!

Here is how far I have got today.


3 thoughts on “Day 30 The International Scott Centenary Expedition commemorative map.

  1. For what it is worth – I love the fact that you cannot make out the Terra Nova until you see the hull! It underlines the all consuming nature of the Antarctic – the relentless cold and ice and the allure of the continent which enthralls so many of us explorers and armchair travelers alike!

    This is quite beautiful and terrifying at the same time – you have really captured the essence of the place and those who have dared and yet dare to go there.

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