Day 28 The International Scott Centenary Expedition Commemorative map

Hello! Three days off, I bet you thought I had got another cold or given up. No, personal circumstances that’s all. However, I have still been working on the map, just researching and thinking and sketching.

You may recall that I said I was considering changing the waves into clouds to  give another perspective. I was thinking about changing from  the eye line  of the seal to the bottom and the horizon with the penguins and the Terra Nova on the left hand side. Putting waves at the tip of the iceberg would not work because that should obviously  be sky.   Well, I researched illusion art. This was my inspiration behind the idea. This picture here…

I came across this whilst researching the sea a few days ago and it got me thinking

Deciding I needed to look into this further I  Googled illusion art and here are some of what I found relating to  sea and sky.


This was one of my favourites

Dali of course…

Dali of course

Hilary Brace


A tree into a lion.

And another I found

So, I then began to research clouds. Clouds in general and clouds that look like waves.

Wave cloud by Clive Whitehead

Mike Hollingstead

World trade centre above the clouds that look wave like

Nothing is ever simple in the Antarctic though. Did you know they have cloud patterns  that other places don’t have? Oh yes…

Sunset in Antarctica

Punch hole clouds

Polar-stratospheric clouds from the Mcmurdo sound

Lenticular clouds. Conrad Hennig

Narcreous clouds from near Scott's hut

more nacreous clouds

The colours are stunning and the shapes  mind blowing, but none of them fitted into my picture. I needed the  light to still come from the left and I needed  the shape to be easily manipulated into sea.

I liked the drama in this photo by Puccinelli and took this as my base

Storm clouds Antarctica

However, the biggest challenge was  the direction of the shading. I could not have a vertical shading of the waves that suddenly went horizontal for the sky and so I had to work out a way of doing this. Two days I thought about it and looked at clouds and waves and my picture.  The other  consideration was the rest of the waves and how they would fit in if I had to alter the style of wave.

So I did some very rough sketches as I was thinking:

Rough sketching as I was mulling over the idea

cloud sketching

Then I  began on the map. Nothing is ever easy… I found the rhythm of the waves around the seal didn’t want to  fall back into line with the Southern ocean waves and so I let them develop because it would have looked forced if I had tried to realign them and anyway the sea in that area has the drift and I didn’t mind. Then I  began to manipulate the waves a little  to mimic clouds. I added the outline of another iceberg as I wanted the same amount of dark sea on either side of Antarctica.

Unfinished section of waves and clouds

I like the darkness and  also the wave formations and  I will need to go back over the rest of the ocean and darken it and add this style to places to make it even, but I’m fine with that because it makes  everything else stand out, particularly Antarctica itself.

Day 28. I like how the darkness is bringing out the shape of Antarctica itself and shows the circular shape of the paper, but the style of wave has changed and I will need to correct that.


I will be reworking this area tonight. Already though I will have done  10 hours- so maybe just two more?



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