Day 27 The International Scott Centenary Expedition Commemorative map.

Icebergs again today. Again I began by  searching the internet for icebergs.

Stunning colours

In the end I drew freehand  from my imagination and took elements off  certain icebergs I had found because I simply couldn’t find the right shapes. I began by  inking the circular shape paper as the outline.

Finishing the outer edge of paper before the icebergs

Then I  added the icebergs and shaded in the Terra Nova.

Terra Nova with iceberg behind

Penguins and iceberg behind

Then I experimented for a while with perspective and the horizon. I have a radical idea which I might use but I need to think about it a little longer before I share it with you.

Then I began to work on the Ross Sea and also added more definition to the mountains so they didn’t look like cones. The darkness on the Weddell Sea is beginning to even out now.

day 27

Tonight I may continue with the Ross Sea.


2 thoughts on “Day 27 The International Scott Centenary Expedition Commemorative map.

  1. That’s brilliant – two completely different icebergs with a suggestion of symmetry!
    I really like the way you combine different perspective and viewpoint. It’s a question of balance and it works for me. That’s the challenge: pleasing the eye while fooling the brain.
    Your cameos come into their own here. The continent draws my eye into the centre but my mind rejects the sheer extreme conditions I know exist there: I simply cannot imagine what it would really be like. Ironically, the more familiar to me is what it going on around the edge, courtesy of Mr Attenborough!
    I think the juxtaposition of Albert and the orcas: joyous movement and silent appraisal; adelie penguins throwing themselves off a cliff into the sea: the Terranova trapped in the ice is just genius!
    It is really coming together!

    • Cary, it is such a wonderful delight for me to read your comments because you always pick up on exactly what I am trying to achieve and sometimes I don’t blog about them either. Like the symmetry of the icebergs and also the juxtaposition of the penguins fully at home in the ice whereas the Terra Nova is stuck, and the playfulness of the Albert the whale in comparison to the killer whales’ looks and the solemnness of the sea around them. Thank you so much. Your comments keep me going and I’m so happy someone can see the cerebral work that goes in to the picture. Thank you! Thank you!

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