Day 25 The International Scott Centenary Expedition Commemorative map.

Only just finished for the day- well almost, so I apologise for the blog being so late.

I focused on perspective today. You might recall that I said I wanted it to look a little strange, but I also wanted it to flow and look fairly natural too- I know what I meant!  I have almost achieved it…I think. Moreover, I  wanted the Weddell sea to have some ice and  to be calmer and then go out towards the ocean and be rougher.

I  had to consider a change of perspective from a bird’s -eye- view (looking down at an extreme long distance)to a fairly close up eye level all within a few centimetres of each other, so somehow I had to try and fool the eye to believe what it saw. I wanted the Antarctic coast to look correct when looking at it and also the seal and the whales to also look believable. It also had to look okay when looking at it from a distance. I  haven’t quite finished yet.

You will notice I have gone very dark. I mentioned I was going to do this yesterday to make Antarctica and  animals. stand out.  It was also a way of distorting near and far. You will now notice Antarctica landmass a lot more than before and I will be going back over to rebalance the blackness on the other side. Antarctica I want to remain totally white and the sea I want to look threatening. I am looking at ice bergs and am going to add  some white relief at the bottom corners. The gaps between the rope and the paper border of the ocean will also be ice and snow and so will remain white. Sometimes things look very dramatic until everything else is added, but also it adds drama in the long run too.

Day 25. The darkness will be balanced out eventually



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  1. Getting so I am looking forward each post now – looking forward to seeing next stage

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