Day 24 The International Scott Centenary Expedition commemorative Map.

I began today by researching  how waves react around land. It struck me that whenever you are on land the waves seem to come towards you and consequently that got me thinking about how that fits into the larger pattern of the picture.

I looked over the picture I took near where I live ( you may recall I blogged about this in the first few days of starting this project).

Own photo studying waves and the sea when it reaches land.

Own photo looking out to the Mew Stone to see how the sea reacts around an island.

studying how the waves alter at an estuary opening

I wanted to get to know the nature of the sea and how it moved around  the land

The Yealm estuary- waves don't always go towards the land!

So then I compared these with pictures of  the Antarctic.

Bit different!

Especially with sea ice

How ice can meet the sea

So you see even though I had come to settle on the pattern of the bigger waves I now had to decide how they would behave around the land and ice. I have only just started this today and it will not stay this way, this is just the first stage in the development. The less rough the seas, the less white you see. Where the sea hits an island or land it is generally  white as the waves crash- but not always if it meets ice- as the picture above shows or if the sea is very calm. My intention is to make the sea quite dark so that the creatures and most importantly Antarctica itself stand out. Here is what I have been working on today.

the sea, day 3

Map whole day 23


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