Day 19 The International Scott Centenary Expedition commemorative map

Day 19 picture is at the end of this blog.

I twisted some more rope down the right hand side whilst I mused over a dilema: what are the currents and winds like around Antarctica and how would that affect the waves and their direction? I had tried in vain to get a decent ariel view of Antarctica, but  all I managed to find was a satellite view which did not show the waves and also a few taken from planes as they crossed the Southern Ocean. I looked at the Shetland Isles and Orkney but again nothing to  help me. So as I wondered I drew rope.



The Southern Ocean

I also added a few touches to the sea around the whale as his body mass would have a direct affect on the waves around him. I experimented with pencil trying to get a flow of the waves but wasn’t satisfied.

section of the Southern Ocean day 19

You see part of the challenge is this, not only do I want to be true to the region and reflect its nature with the oceans and seas, but I have to consider the asthetics. If I had waves crashing into one another everywhere it would look too complicated and busy and I have to be mindful of that at this stage as there is already so much going on in the picture. Moreover, I also have to take into account the   picture as a whole and the  water and ice around Antarctica will create a pattern of its own which if I am not careful would dominate in the wrong way instead of enriching the  art work. Furthermore, I have the creatures and how they sit in the water and also the Terra Nova and whether I have her ice bound as her masts might suggest or at sea under steam. Tricky. So more research tonight.

British Antarctic Survey photo of the Southern Ocean

Mark Reynolds  from the ISCE sent me a useful link on the currents around  Antarctica and so I will investigate them further and blog about it tomorrow.

Here is the picture at the end of day 19…well I might do a bit more rope tonight.

Day 19 entire map


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  1. Love the British Antarctic Survey photo – it reminds me of your interpretation of the Southern sea. There are so many elemental details.

    Great rope! Used to climb up rope like that in the gym at school in my youth. Got to the top too… those were the days! We used to have races. Can’t see that happening now!

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