Day 15 The International Scott Centenary Expedition Commemorative Map.

Emperor penguins

Day 15 already! Penguin day! Today I began with the sextant and then moved on to the penguins. I had to  make the decision whether to use Emperor or Adelie penguins. Difficult choice.


My research informed me that Emperor penguins stay on the ice  (well the males do) to  incubate their eggs over the long Antarctic winter, whereas the Adelie penguins move out to sea to feed.

The Emperor penguins are certainly more majestic whereas the Adelie are more comical.

I decided on the Adelie because they are the most southernly penguins and  they are funny. Also when watching Ponting’s film they feature heavily in the footage. Plus there is an Adelie Coast on Antarctica and they seem to be part of the landscape in any documentary I watch on Antarctica. I will do a smaller Emperor when I do the ISCE logo on the left hand corner.

Yesterday my angle on the seal and the whales was on prey and predator and the life cycle. With the penguins I wanted to show how they use the ice to dive and hunt but also I wanted to show  the breeding and so I chose a male  who has  assembled his pebbles and stones at his feet and is calling for a female. The better the stone nest he makes the more chance he has of  mating. I was also aware that  so far, apart from the ice the seal is on, I haven’t included any ice and this gave me the opportunity to add the ice and some icicles as well.

I liked the posture of the Adelie penguin because in a strange way it mimicked the sextant behind it .

I haven’t completed the larger penguin yet, but will tonight. The smaller penguins were quite fiddily and so I had to use an architect’s pen  with a 0.13 nib and a magnifying glass! Trying to get the movement was a challenge.

Sextant and adelie penguins (unfinished)

map day 15

Tomorrow  The parchment with Scott and his party’s expedition trail, plus   I will begin the Terra Nova too. See you tomorrow. Cheri.