Day 13 The International Scott Centenary Expedition Commemorative Map

8 hours of paper, rope, with a bit of sledging.

Sometimes  with a piece like this is can look as if very little is happening when in fact  several hours work have been put in.  This morning I began working on the sledge that the pony was pulling and again had to add a few shadows to get the right light. Then I began work on the  paper outline, which at this stage will look incomplete and will not look completely right until it is  coloured, but I have to live with that and  know it will change eventually. Additionally, it caught my attention that the left circle looked slightly  lower , although it was all measured previously, my eye was correct and it was a few millimetres out and so I remeasured and corrected it.  When I am working I am so close to the  picture these things can happen and so at regular intervals I have to  put  the art work on a stand and  view it from a few feet away. The reason for this is two fold: I notice  discrepancies as I did today, but  also it allows me to see the composition as  a whole  and as it will be viewed when framed and hung.   Objects can look great close up but terrible from a distance and vice versa, for me it is striking a balance between the two.


I have posted yesterdays and todays so that you can see the difference.



Then I  worked on the rope down the side, the angle changes slightly and therefore the  shadows change and when going around a corner they will change gradually, particularly when the scroll rests in front of some of the rope and will cast a shadow of its own. in places. Moreover, I was not completely happy with the previous rope I had done and  decided to experiment with the detail a little more down the side. I am happy that I did as it  looks  a lot more realistic which means I will have more to add onto the top rope now. Can you spot the difference?

It’s texture. But I am still working on the rope- more of that tonight.

Tomorrow Weddell seals and Killer whales!