Day 10 The International Scott Centenary Expedition Map.

There was no post yesterday because my day was taken up with choosing and ordering the mount and frame for the final picture. I chose a thick black frame with gold border, a cream mount with a v groove and a black inlay followed by a gold inset. I can assure you, it will look perfect.

I also had to collect my other framed and mounted prints for an exhibition that is taking place next weekend at the Yealm Yacht Club. For further info please see my website:

Plus, I went a long walk, mainly for my eyes – yes, that’s right my eyes. When you work on something as  intricate as this map under five intense lights, concentrating for several hours which means you don’t blink as much as you usually would, your eyes can get very tired and  dry. Walking in the country and looking at the horizon in daylight  relaxes the eyes. Believe me, my eyes were very red and sore yesterday. Today however, back to normal and ready.

This morning, I made some finishing touches to the chromometer. The chromometer was difficult for a number of reasons: the straight lines and angles, plus the circles. Not only that, the chromometer I was studying was very old and worn, plus the case was worn and so some of the circluar shapes were dented and slightly misshapen.

I moved on to the Wandering Albatross then and I wanted to capture the ‘happy’ look that albatross’ seem to have.  Anyway the albatross is done and I have named him Cecil. I hope you like him.


Day 10. Cecil the Wandering Albatross

I found these marvellous pictures during my research and the I have uploaded this morning’s work. Will tackle the rope or the compass later. Have a good Sunday!

Wandering Albatross- here's looking at you!