Day 9 The International Scott Centenary Expedition Map

Spent the morning researching  Art Nouveau backgrounds. I wanted to include a ‘flavour’ of Art Nouveau somewhere within the map because the movement was quite strong in the  1900s. However, because the majority of Art Nouveau is based on nature and primarily plants,  sourcing anything  ‘icy’  has proved quite difficult.  I can’t use plants because no plants other than lichen grow in Antarctica!

Nevertheless, I found  a possibility in Klimt’s ‘Tree of Live’ (1909) symbols  which  are similar in my mind to  the  ‘Sunwise Spiral’,  which  is a magical symbol suggesting scientific sophistication ( Pepper and Wilcock,Magical and Mystical Sites. 1976) where mystery and science are joined. This seems quite apt for Antarctic expeditions!

Klimt Tree of Life

I also discovered Alphonse Mucha backgrounds,  a design by Archibald Knox on the side of a pewter biscuit box which has hearts on it   I will experiment with some of these styles. The design with go behind the chromometer and other equipment and be  very subtle, otherwise it will look too cluttered.



On my research travels I also came across an art Nouveau icicle formation.

Spent the afternoon on the chromometer. I have to do all the things at the top of the paper first so that  I don’t lean over completed work and  mark it at all.  The chronometer is still not finished, I will have to complete it first thing tomorrow. I hate straight lines!  The face of the watch is tricky too. Ah well.

Day 9 of the map. Chronometer is 3/4 done. Will complete tomorrow.