Day 8 continued

Well, Albert and I became better aquainted. Then I studied the photographs I had taken of the sea and also how Dore, Rachkam and other artists, particularly of the old maps had  captured the sea in ink. What is most difficult I think is imagining how the water would react around a creature when it is a fantastical creature. Albert for instance is based on  images I have studied of hump back whales, but he is an amalgamation of all those whales. I have to do this in order to create character and also to get him into the correct position for the composition of the art work and sometimes this means stretching the truth- which I have to add was the effect I want, particularly when we look at the creatures off old maps such as I posted yesterday. However, today we know what these creatures are and so I can’t simply make them up, I have to base it on  fact before distorting it a little.

A full day's work. Albert later in the day. The ocean still has to develop around him.