Day 6 The International Scott Centenary Expedition 2012 Map

Lots done this morning…began with the Weddell seals and  then redid the humpback whale and repositioned it to give it more impact.  Additionally, whilst showing the seal, I wanted some action and a sense of story and consequently added in the Killer whales pushing up a wave and trying to dislodge the seal – should be interesting to ink!

I wanted to give the map a feel of the old type of maps with the odd takes on sea creatures, so studied them a little too.  Added in the border of rope and then outlined the writing in the banners. Just about to start the sea which is a challenge before the toughest bit… the inking, where the slightest mistake can be a disaster! I have included a few images of old maps and sea monsters that I found whilst researching. Great aren’t they?

Map day 6 click to enlargeThe whale. I've named him Albert...don't know why.... it just seemed to suit him. Click to enlarge.