Day 5 International Scott’s Centenary Expedition Map

outline of the fateful expedition

After researching the ‘Ross’ area of the Antarctic and the Beardmore glacier, I looked at Scott’s route and was amazed to find variations on dates that Evan’s  and Oates died. All dates for Scott, Bowers and Wilson are approximate but his last diary entry was on the 29th of March 1912. I set about  planning the area and the route. What a distance they travelled! It’s mind boggling!


Also began researching the animals today (well I have been watching The Frozen Planet too). I began thinking about the scale and the positioning of the various creatures. I wanted to include the Weddell seal, the Adelie penguin, the killer whales, the Wandering albatross and also a humpback whale. Started with the penguins and had some fun finding images. Here’s a few of them…

line drawing for positioning of the penguins

shame! A bad hair day?made me giggleI decided to go for this image of the male courtship call as well as some penguins jumping into the sea.