Day 3 Scott’s Centenary Expedition map

The Terra Nova- how much rigging did they need! Lots to draw and work out here.

Some decisions had to be made today. Having no brief to work from, I decided I was going to stick to the  map being as it is rather than  following conventional cartography methods of placing “North” at the top of the map. My reasons for this are aesthetic , but also due to the fact that I wanted the section of Scott’s Journey (the close up that I will be doing, to be closer to the Ross Ice shelf and also I needed to fit the Terra Nova ship close to there as well. You will see I have moved the ship to the left of the map. This is because  in my research I discovered that they sailed from New Zealand and therefore would have come more from this direction. In fact they would probably have followed 180 and sailed where my enlargement of Scott’s journey is, but I had to sacrifice something, so moving the Terra Nova was it, I’m afraid. The general outline of Antarctica is in now, but there are still lots of place names and details to go in before I can start inking. Today however I am adding in the sextant, chronometer and compass around the edges. Then hopefully I will do the fateful journey of Scott.

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Antarctica is in, just hope people don't mind it being this way up!