Creative process for International Scott Centenary Expedition Map day 1

rough plan of my thinking for layout and content for the map

The ISCE have commissioned a map of Antartica to celebrate the centenary expedition leaving in 2012. After watching the Frozen Planet on BBC1 and also The  Great White Silence  a film by Herbert Pointing which was the offical record of Scott’s journey and also from all the research on the internet (as well as getting hold of a map from the British Antartic survey), I was ready to start planning. How do tell the sad  story, reflect the animals that live there as well as getting the map to scale and give a feel of Edwardian style and maybe a splash of Art Nouveau which was around in 1912? I also wanted to have the quality of some of the early maps that showed fearsome creatures the size of boats, in order to produce a sense of discovery.   So I did a rough sketch and messed about a bit to produce my ‘rough’

the link to the Expedition site is